Testimonials, Fisheye Filter, Lancaster PA


J.R. Fogelsonger

Well Ken, I just finished clearcoating helmet #4 since I got my filter. I told you I was going to give you feedback and here it goes... I can't detect any signs of 1 single, tiny little fisheye anywhere. I guess that means that the filter is hittin on all eight!!! Thanks Again!

Testimonials, Fisheye Filter, Lancaster PA


Bob Spina

Fisheye Filter.com Wow what a great product,no problems,and Im using a compressor I bought in 1972,thanks Kenny

Testimonials, Fisheye Filter, Lancaster PA


Rick Primeau from Primo Customs

"This filter has saved me so much money in fisheye additives and touch ups. I had one of the little plastic filters break on me and I had to redo a hood that was a candy job, That one filter cost me hundreds of dollars in repair, I have driven over, dropped and pulled on this filter and can not get it to fail, This is my filter, The one and only Fisheye Filter"

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