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Paint Gun Filter

Fisheye Filter takes pride in offering the 9200 Inline Air Filter. This product is an exceptional advancement in filters with its moister-blocking element.

Our product significantly outperforms disposable filters on the market, and saves you time and money by preventing liquid from getting into your valuable paint gun and pneumatic equipment. 

Reusable Element

After many hours of use when the element may become saturated by moisture in your air lines, the element seals itself off to stop the air flow alerting you of a problem. Simply change out the element and continue working. The old element can be dried and reused later. It’s that easy.

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About Us

Save money and reduce paint failures while protecting your pneumatic tools by using the compressed air filters offered by our company in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. With more than 25 years of experience, Fisheye Filter is proud to offer products that help auto industry professionals take their projects to the next level of excellence. Rely on our company to provide you with the highest quality filters on the market. Ideal for airbrushing and powder coating, our filters are great for any general pneumatic tool worldwide. Our products are made in America and are created to meet our high standard of quality.


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