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Inline Air Filters

9200 Inline Air Filter

Fisheye Filter, located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, takes pride in offering our valued customers the finest paint gun filters on the market today. It doesn’t trap water and other harmful contaminants – it blocks them! The advanced element in our product filters down to .85 microns while still maintaining excellent air flow.

When the element inside the filter becomes completely saturated, it stops all air flow and will not allow you to spray or operate any longer until the element is replaced. This is important to maintaining the quality of your airbrushing and to the longevity of your pneumatic tools. Other products allow you to operate your paint gun even after your filter has been depleted. Our compressed air filters are priced at $46.00 eac


Filter Specifics

Giving customers a quality paint job is important to automotive and body shops. Ensure your pneumatic tools and sprays are working with our exceptional product. Here are some details about our filter to help you get an idea of just how effective it is
• Earth Friendly
• Easy Installation
• Flow Rate – 25 SCFM
• Filters to .85 Microns
• Light Weight (Only 3.5 Ounces)
• Prevents Moisture & Oil Blockage
• Operable to 125 psi
• Long-Life Housing
9101 Replacement Element, Paint Gun Filters in Lancaster, PA
9101 Replacement Element, Paint Gun Filters in Lancaster, PA


Replacement Element of the Air Filter

This advanced element is the essence of our air filter. The special polymer that comprises this element absorbs moisture until complete saturation, which allows the element to completely stop the airflow to your pneumatic equipment.


Our elements fit inside the filter and come out so you can easily replace them with a new one. As with all of our products, our replacements are made in the USA. This is priced to sell at $13.70.

Request more information about our paint gun filters when you contact us in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.